Lifestyle Coaching

Increase the joy in your personal and professional life and find lasting health and happiness

In an effort to combat the stress and improve the quality of your life we bring to you lifestyle coaching.We show you how to re-dicover the balance between professional and personal life and lead you to a healthier, more rewarding and enjoyable life.

Research shows that one of the largest health risks in modern business is the constant and destructive presence of stress. The battle for resources, pressure to succeed, time-constraints, and competition from other workers seem to constantly increase.

Lifestyle Services

  • Guided Walking and Hiking Tours (half-day, and full-day tours available)
  • Educational and informative shopping excursions (with a focus on holistic, energy-enhancing foods)
  • Stress relief meditation
  • Low-stress exercise instruction
  • Daily and Weekly Health Excursions
  • Pilates for breathing techniques

Stress wreaks both physical and mental havoc on our bodies. Hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, chronic head ache, heart disease, decreased sex drive and anxiety disorder are just a few long-term effects that stress can have on you. Although stress may, at times, seem like an unnavoidable enemy, there are techniques you can use and lifestyle changes you can make to learn to control stress and minimize its effect on your body.

It is important to realize that stress can be a very personal condition and can effect people in many different ways. Though it is strongly influenced by your surroundings, what you do internally (psychologically) to deal with stress will greatly effect whether it builds or decreases in your life.

We are here to coach you and support you and make it easy for you to live a fresh and invigorating life!