Corporate Fitness in Munich

Corporate Fitness moulds the health, vitality, and productivity of employees. Company health programs offer a convenient in-house solution to motivating employees and building their health. The education of your employees on such topics such as job ergonomics, health, fitness, and nutrition has many advantages

  • Increased productivity of employees
  • Enhanced motivation, efficiency, and group dynamic
  • New business innovations resulting from improved nervous system function
  • Strong company image due to exemplary health management programs
  • Lowered incidence of business costs that result from sick leave and injury
  • Teamwork and staff loyalty is strengthened
  • Lowered rate of employee turnover

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Fit Team corporate services

In house group training – core training – lunch and learns – seminars – customized training for business guests – weekend adventure trips – team challenges – team building days

The facts of health and fitness at work

Lack of movement, stress, poor job ergonomics, deadlines, and work pressures all act as vocational risks. Their influence on vitality, efficiency, motivaiton, and group dynamic is not to be underestimated.

Some of the advantages derived from a structured corporate fitness program:

Increase in profit due to a decrease in costs (generated by illness and workplace accidents). Notably, a significant decrease in annual health costs. In 2008 in Germany alone healh related costs will contribute to over 180 billion Euros. The Federal Office states that the average days of absense per year, per employee, is stable at 10.5. This amounts to an annual cost of 2,520 to 5,040 Euros per individual employee. In the case of only 8 workers the result is between 20, 160 and 40, 320 Euros in health costs. 47% of male and 41% of female workders feel stuck and frustrated in their job because of high stress loads.