What is Fit Team?

We are a group of international personal trainer experts who offer training at the clients home, at the office, in a local park, at a private studio, or aywhere it best suits the client. All of our Personal Trainers hold a university degree in sports and are certified by a recognized institute and have at least 2 years of direct experience from North America – the nation where personal training was ‚born‘.

The desire to live a fit, healthy, and long life is one held by each member of the team. They live as they teach! Munich Personal Fitness Trainer offer its services in the area of Munich, Grünwald and Starnberg. All interested clients receive a free, no-obligation consultation and free personal training session. This acts as the perfect starting point: the trainer comes to understand your wants and needs and you come to understand the trainer and their style. Your free personal training session begins with a thorough evaluation of your current health status and fitness level.

This includes a look at your blood pressure, heart rate, injuries, and any other medical conditions you may have. Following this you are taken through a one-hour personal training session where you experience first hand how effective Fit Team training methods are. Our trainers offer a professional, educated, and highly effective service that will impress not only you but also your body!