Client Testimonials

Image shows: (top left) 1. Post Natal clients 2. National Soccer Team Trainer Jogi Löw 3. HSV Soccer Player Bastian Reinhard (bottom left)4. Fitness Video Production 5. Bobby Dekeyser (Dedon founder) 6. DTM Champion Mike Rockenfeller

instead of waiting for a new request from your side, I would like to give you some feedback on Manuel. I don’t have any issues planning my sessions with him. Even when I’m changing my plans last minute (like yesterday) he is very flexible to reschedule, so I can have my workout anyway. Another thing I also appreciate is that he knows how to motivate me. When I was stuck in the US for some time and had a hard time sticking to my diet and workout schedule, he manages to make me realize what I have accomplished so far and that not all is completely lost after a dip in „my new lifestyle“.


I was recommended to Fit Team by Percy and Felix Adlon, the filmmakers, who wanted me to have a well shaped old-fashioned exercised and trained body for the role of Gustav Mahler (between 1900 and 1910). He was a really sporty guy but didn’t look it. For the one particular moment, where he jumps into the water – diving and swimming – they wanted me to exercise (I had never wanted to do something like that training before. I’m not that kind of body fetishist who wants to look like a counterfeit of a lifeguard or a copycat of the ‚Styrian Ok‘ Arnold Schwarzenegger although I am a compatriot of him!). And they sent Chelsea. A hired guardian angel or should I say a gymnastic elf, who was building me up from a sick man I was playing in the movie before, into a hopeful Adonis – guiding me like a perpetual torch through the valley of weakness alongside the streams of sweat and tears of reluctance like a dear loving advocate of my muscles! The scene was never shot because of bad weather conditions, but I never would have managed to whole thing without her caretaking and uplifting help for my condition of body and soul that lasted throughout the movie. In admiration of your personality and the job you did,

Johannes Silberschneider.


I have been an active person throughout my life, yet after only 5 weeks of Fit Team training and 4.5kg of weight loss I realised how ineffective my previous workouts had been. Not only did I lose 4.5 kg, but I also experienced a 6% drop in body fat! I was introduced to a completely new style of nutrition, a style that I was able to integreate into my life both easily and problem-free. Working with Fit Team taught me the importance of nutrition and a holistic diet. In combiation with the highly effective exercises, Fit Team has helped me become a new and improved me!

Robert Lawlor, TV Producer, Chum TV


Fit Team proved to me that though I thought I was at an age beyond that where real physique enhancement was possible, I was wrong! Thanks to Fit Team I now have the washboard stomach I have always wanted. If only I had met them in my youner years! We will miss you in Canada!

Robert M Vice President Alience Films


After the birth of my second child I wanted to get back on the runway. My own fitness program had started to bore me, and due to the lack of visible results I quickly lost motiavtion. FIt team paired me with a trainer that developed a new program, a program that alligned with my personal, specific needs. My trainer continuously changed and adapted my workouts meaning I was constantly challenged. I was also given specific nutrition recommendations and my body loved the combination of food and exercise. I saw improvement all the time! I loved my personal training with Fit Team but love even more the fact that all traces of my pregnancy have disappeared!

Libby Edder


Weightloss: 6 kg Reduction Bodyfat: 5%

Elisabeth E. (Runway Model)

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